Night of Destruction
Thursday, July 21
7:30 pm

Night of Destruction-1.jpg

2WD & 4WD Rally Class Rules

  • Any car, truck or van

  • Airbags must be removed, if equipped

  • Battery must be fastened tight and covered

  • All vehicles must have a 12x12 inch number plate on roof
  • Must have a roll bar, can stay inside the vehicle or come over the top and may be mounted in the bed right behind the cab on trucks.
  • Remove headlights, taillights, and plastic bumper covers.
  • Front bumper may be changed to 2x4 inch tubing or 4 inch c-channel and a radiator guard is allowed nothing else. Cannot be wider than outside of the tires.
  • All vehicles will have a standing start and the course will have several turns, some whoops, a table top, and some roller type jumps.