Saturday July 13th 2019

Lewis County Fair Grounds

*All participants are responsible for gate admission*

Tournament Action begins at 9:00 am

Limited to 8 Teams

Fee: $120 per team ($20/ person for teams of 6)

Team: Minimum of 4 players, no more than 3 men on court at one time)

(Maximum of 6 players on court)


$120 for 1st

$90 for 2nd

$60 for 3rd


The first 2 games are played to 21 (RALLY SCORE).

 Games will be capped at 25.

The 3rd game will be to 15 (RALLY SCORE). 

One time-out per game is allowed.

The 3rd game will only be played if the teams have split the first two.


The server may not step on or over the end line until the ball has been contacted.


You have to have at least 4 players on your team to play.

There can be no more than 3 males on the court at any time.

Boy Girl Rule

     A woman must touch the ball if a man contacts the ball and it doesn’t go over the net.

Men or Women may not jump and hit the ball in a downward motion.

Blocking is allowed at the net.


The ball may hit the net on the serve.

 The serve may not be blocked or spiked.  


No part of the body may touch the net at anytime unless a ball or person driven into the net causes the contact.  Player contact with the net in a manner not directly relating to or affecting the course of play is not a violation.  Contact with hair or part of the uniform will not be considered a fault.

 A player may touch but not completely cross over the center line with his/her foot.

If you have questions please contact  Aron Knoche (660-216-8603) or message the Lewis County Fair on Facebook.

For More Info:
Jill @ 660-341-8509  
David @ 660-341-2384
Chelsea @ 573-629-7751 
Keli @ 660-216-3441
During the Fair

Phone 573-497-2250

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19322 State Hwy 16, Lewistown, MO 63452

1 mile east of Lewistown, MO on Highway 16

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