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2024 Camping Rates and Rules


CONTACT:  Kim Kramer: 660-341-7304 


CAMPER PARKING - Limited Spaces

Fees for camping have changed, please read carefully. 


  • Electrical service of 30 amp and 50 amp service will be available. 

  • Parking space for all campers is available at a flat rate cost of $90.00 per camper for placement Sunday, July 7th - Monday, July 8th for full electric once you arrive. 

  • Placement of campers on Sunday, July 7th is preferable.  Arrangements to arrive another day may be made with the superintendents. 

  • Tents and campers not using electric will be charged a flat rate of $30 for the week.

  • All campers in spots 1-20 on the east side of the cable must be in place by Monday at Noon.  If not in place by Monday at Noon then a $20 late fee with be charged for these spots. 

  • Open show participants that wish to camp will be charged a nightly fee of $20 and will be assigned to the west side of the cable. 

  • Campers may not be placed on the grounds until Sunday, July 7th.  Spaces will be assigned and marked, including electrical boxes. 

  • Camping permits will be issued upon registration.  Campers will be checked for permits, so they must be displayed in camper windows AT ALL TIMES. 

  • Camper parking must be registered upon arrival at the fairgrounds entrance gate, or fair office or parking may be requested prior to the fair by contacting Kim.

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