2019 Camping Rates and Rules

CAMPER PARKING - Limited Spaces

Fees for camping have changed, please read carefully.  Electrical upgrades have been completed by Line Brothers of Monticello. Electrical service of 110, 30 amp, and 50 amp service will be available.  Parking space for all campers is available at a flat rate cost of $90.00 per camper for placement Sunday, July 7th - Tuesday, July 9th for full electric once you arrive.   Placement of campers on Sunday, July 7th is preferrable.  Arrangements to arrive another day may be made with the superintendents.  Tents and campers not using electric will be charged a flat rate of $30 for the week. All campers in spots 1-22 on the east side of the cable must be in place by Wednesday at Noon.  If not in place by Wednesday at Noon then a $20 late fee with be charged for these spots. 

Open show participants that wish to camp will be charged a nightly fee of $20 and will be assigned to the west side of the cable.  Campers may not be placed on the grounds until Sunday July 7th.  Spaces will be assigned and marked, including electrical boxes.  Camping permits will be issued upon registration.  Campers will be checked for permits, so they must be displayed in camper windows AT ALL TIMES.  Camper parking must be registered upon arrival at the fairgrounds entrance gate, or fair office or parking may be requested prior to the fair by contacting: Kim Kramer at 660-341-7304 or Kaley Bozarth at 660-342-1213.

For More Info:
Jill @ 660-341-8509  
David @ 660-341-2384
Chelsea @ 573-629-7751 
Keli @ 660-216-3441
During the Fair

Phone 573-497-2250

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19322 State Hwy 16, Lewistown, MO 63452

1 mile east of Lewistown, MO on Highway 16

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